BEGIN:VCALENDAR PRODID:-//Kentico Software//NONSGML Kentico CMS//EN VERSION:2.0 BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTAMP:20200317T224924Z DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20200421 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20200424 DESCRIPTION:MiningWorld Russia is an effective tool to increase sales and a unique opportunity of direct contact with consumers of equipment and technologies for mining and processing of minerals.Exhibition profile:â€?Machines and equipment for explorationâ€?Machines and equipment for miningâ€?Machines and equipment for enrichment of mineralsâ€?Machines and equipment for moving and transportation of mineralsâ€?Machines and equipment for mine safetyâ€?Systems for water and air purification, environmental monitoringâ€?Laboratory equipment and materialsâ€?Equipment for power supply of mining enterprisesâ€?Construction technologies for miningâ€?Non-production services\n\n SUMMARY:MiningWorld Russia 2020 PRIORITY:3 BEGIN:VALARM TRIGGER:P0DT0H15M ACTION:DISPLAY DESCRIPTION:Reminder END:VALARM END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR 2019国拍自产在线直播
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